Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What I've been up to...

I've been really busy these few days so I'm going to do quick updates on some things that I've been up to lately.

1. My mum came down to KL to pay me a visit. She stayed with me and we had plenty of good food when mum's around. She loved the Sony Vaio I bought her and to show her thanks she insisted she buy me a nice Korean BBQ dinner.

Project 365: Day 43, 30th March 2009

2. I learned that Princess is still terrified of my mother. I guess it doesn't help that we intentionally try to get each other in trouble with each of our parents (the both of us have sick ways of having fun). The other day on the way to her home for dinner I made a totally harmless joke and called her Dad by his first name: Eng Hong. She laughed about it and all.

Then 20 minutes later we were at her place for dinner and I was helping her mum set the table. She then intentionally told her mum "Eh Mummy, you know just now Tim called dad Eng Hong".

At first her mum let out a chuckle, then she realized that she shouldn't be laughing. So she reprimanded me 
"Very brave ah you!"

And I just went 

Then I muttered to Princess later on... "You watch out.. my mum's coming this weekend".

And I really got her good. Take that Baby!

(I just remembered that tonight I'm having dinner with her parents again... FUCK!... BABY NO PLEASE DON'T!!! LOVE IS KIND... LOVE IS FORGIVING!!!!)

3. Went with Carol to the Skype - MOL Access Berhad signing ceremony today where Kim and Ringo gave a speech about how they use Skype to maintain their long distance relationships. They both advocated LDRs.... that it really works.

Project 365: Day 44, 31st March 2009

HMPH.. Boss Stewie says NO to LDRs!!!

Both Kim and Ringo were like celebrities there. Everyone wanting to take pictures with them.

When I met some of the people there and introduced myself, at least 3 of them said
"Wow! You look really young? How old are you? I imagined Timothy Tiah to be a lot older".

Yes I get that a lot unfortunately. Once I even walked into a meeting with Nicholas (who looks a little older than me) and the people we were meeting immediately extended their hands out to Nicholas and said
"Hi.. you must be Timothy".

Nicholas laughed and said
"Uhh.. nooo... THAT is Timothy"... and pointed my way.

Yes... I look like a school boy.

4. Ringo showed me her new Coach bag that she bought as a birthday present to herself lately. 

She told me that I should buy something good for myself too when my birthday comes. Problem is I'm not sure what... I can't think of anything that I can afford that I actually really really want.

5. I turned down a chance to be on TV this morning. I was supposed to be on this talk show about the internet but I figured that all the questions that I would be asked is something a lot of people with enough online exposure would have answers to. I didn't think I would be adding value to the show at all so I told the producer that I think she could find someone better suited. I didn't want to go on air just for the sake of going on air. 

5. Three people I had met in the past week alone told me that I look very exhausted and stressed lately. Even top blogger Desmondkiu had the same thing to say.

Do you guys think so?

Sigh.. maybe I am the most stressed out 24 year old in the country. Part of my stress is coming from finding the right people to hire. The workload at Nuffnang now is immense and everyone is so damn overworked that we desperately need a bigger team. 

Problem is we've interviewed so many but still can't find someone that we all love like Pinky.

6. Was just in the office and I started feeling a bit hungry since it's nearing dinner. I walked over to the Nuffies on the other side of the office over to Andrea and said 
"Andrea... how would you like to do something very important for the survival of Nuffnang?"

She saw right through me.

Then she replied
"What? Get you food?"

With everything out in the open I said
"Yes! Letting me starve will be bad for the company right? So please! Go down and help buy me a packet of Mamee please!"

Then Shalyn who was sitting next to Andrea looked over at me and asked
"What? One Mamee only? Is that enough to keep you full?"




7. Oh I forgot one last thing... I've just started planning another surprise for Princess today but it's something that will only take place in the next few months. All the work involved...


bryanlyt said...


a n n n a said...

lol!! mameee monstaaaaaaaaaa!!

nomore cheezels?

Mellissa said...

I agree with the whole Skype and LDR thing okay! We Skype every single night!

Pam Song said...

I'm curious to know.... what'd you tell your mom about Princess as payback? =p

immi said...

haha ur nuffies are funny. :)

Andrea Tee said...
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anne_jo520 said...

Hi Tim, I dont know if this is the right place for me to ask you this. I have a friend who has recently graduated from a bioscience degree. Do you think that she will stand a chance if she goes for interview at your company because she does not really have any management or administrative background? It would be really nice of you if you would like to answer my question.

Note: I am really referring to my friend NOT me, cos I am currently still studying in the UK =)

Pinky Tham said...

hahahhahaha Tim, you sure one mamee enough? I miss you guys la.. Faster come to visit melbourne.

electronicfly said...


go stock up the pantry again, like when NN just moved to KL. XD

Grocery shopping is funzors!

Boss Stewie said...

bryan: hah!

anna: hahaha no now i love mamee

mellissa: hahaha yeah but still... LDR aihh... no fun

pamsong: hahaha quite a lot of things. i dont' know where to start

immi:haha :) yes they are

anne: sure anne... don't mind checking your friend out. just ask her to apply through our site

pinky: hahaha okok sure pinky! we all miss u too.. all the time

electronic: hahaha yeah i love grocery shopping :) should do that soon

Carol said...

ohh myy!guess I'm gonna get the timothytiah effect again!links are great inventions!

pinkpau said...


Donna said...

Are u planning to help princess clear her loan?

Love a Lot said...

Proposing? Clearing her loan? Hmmmm you guys are great!!!

Boss Stewie said...

caroL: hahahaha "links are great inventions"... you damn fahney lar

pink: hahahah!! you're funny pinkpau

Boss Stewie said...

caroL: hahahaha "links are great inventions"... you damn fahney lar

pink: hahahah!! you're funny pinkpau

Grace said...

allo, i'm just curious why you keep referring the Desmond guy as Top Blogger or Malaysia's Top blogger or something? Is he really that popular?

it's just that i've never ever heard of him until you keep referring him tat way...

KY said...

Skype is awesome!!! I <3 Skype!

Unknown said...

Skype saves me and my boyfriend alot of phone charges.

Unknown said...

and LDR do work as long as both trust each other.

Jeffro said...

hahaha.. the I-tell-her-if-you-tell-but-oops-you-did-already-so-I-am-gonna-tell-her-after-all thing..

Well fun's fun.. no matter how it is.. =D Aiyo, boss makan mamee saje? then I know just what to treat you the next time.. LOL xD

Marilyn said...

I know what you are planning MUAHAHAHA.... eh, this Desmond is really cute. Can I have his number?

ahlost said...

buy one box ler and put in office for everyone to eat !! I'm sure it will be gone in one day *LOL*

Angie R said...

Agree with applecherry. Who is Desmond....?

I thought there's only one top blogger in M'sia and we all know who lah right? :-) Angie

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Hahahaha.... We had Chee Ching to bring u water last time. Now its Andrea to be mamee girl.

Dont forget, the Anneh downstairs sells Tiger Susu in small packets too! =)