Friday, April 03, 2009

Alcohol While Working and One Big Pillow Fight!

Guess what we're all doing in this picture?
Project 365: Day 46, 2nd April 2009

Believe it or not... we're all working... and talking about work stuff.

Seriously... this bar was the place that I had a meeting with clients this afternoon but the way we were all positioned almost makes this look like we're in some Tiger Beer ad. You can just really picture all of us turning to the camera holding up our glasses of beer and saying "Enjoy Winning" (that's Tiger's tagline btw).

We have our Nuffnang Music Bash powered by Maxis Broadband tomorrow and there we were in the bar already planning our next big Nuffnang event.

Speaking of events, just before our Nuffnang Music Bash tomorrow there'll be a pillow fight in conjunction with International Pillow Fight Day that Pierre got Corntoz (Mamee's new product) to sponsor.

Yes there is actually a day that is dedicated to pillow fights internationally. Seriously... one day I'm going to start an "International Play XBOX with GF Sitting Next To You Day". I'm sure Princess will be very supportive of that.

Pierre in bringing in Corntoz as a sponsor to this big pillow fight had a good idea. Corntoz didn't just sponsor the event for namesake. They're giving out pillow cases that are made to look like giant Corntoz packs which is almost as good as my idea to make pillow cases that look like giant condoms (almost Pierre... almost)....I was thinking of dropping by and bringing Princess along but I'm kinda afraid that with her size, Princess would get clobbered so hard she might just become Fourfeeteight. Then I really would have to buy her a mini-ladder for her to climb just to kiss me.

If you wanna be a part of the big pillow fight, join the Facebook group here.

Update: I just got word from Pierre that Corntoz didn't manage to get the pillow cases made in time =(... so no Corntoz pillow cases.. just regular pillows to whack one another.


§pinzer said...

or you could drop by to find out where the "secret location" is lol.

it's gonna be a doubly-awesome Saturday woo hoo!

electronicfly said...

Horrrr and who was the designated driver hmmm?

yapthomas said...

ahhhhh that will be a good start...
"International Play XBOX with GF Sitting Next To You Day"

dheep said...

The last time i had a pillow fight was in secondary school. Haha. Will be good to 'relive' it once more..

fourfeetnine said...

fourfeeteight?!?!?! sacrilege!

Boss Stewie said...

spinzer: hahahaa... well u seem very excited by it

electronic: hahahaha... uhh.. uhh... we weren't drunk

yapthomas: haha yes! maybe we should start a facebook group

dheepan: hahaha yeah ... i'm sure it'll be fun to watch

fourfeetnine: HAHAHA :) my princess

- m i c h e l l e - said...

LOL! IF Aud really shrink to fourfeeteight, then a stool would be the best next surprise. Just make sure it's a Hello Kitty design. But... I believe she can show us GIRL'S POWER! And smash you guys kaokao!

Sigh, me want go next Nuffnang big event and pillow fight event too! :'(

KY said...

HAhahah fourfeeteight does sound a lot more auspicious tho!

Jeffro said...

I'd definitely head for the pillow fight if it wasnt because of the music bash and the fact that the pillow fight's venue is in damansara.. xD