Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Korean Drama

Was at Princess' place tonight to have dinner with her family.

After dinner we sat down to watch this Korean drama called... something flowers and something boys.

Halfway through the TV show Princess' mother called
"AUDREY.... come and throw out the trash".

Princess gave a very sour face. Grumbled and then lazily got up from the couch. I got up to help her but she said turned to me and said
"No!!! STAY!! SIT DOWN!!!"

I think she wanted to make sure that I didn't miss anything so I can tell her what happened later on. She quickly ran to the back to get the trash and I expected her to come out with a big black plastic bag full of trash but she came out with this tiny little bag.
Project 365: Day 72, 28th April 2009

Then she darted to the front door which was when I took this picture.

Was feeling a bit bored of the Korean drama so I switched channels. I experienced a few seconds of silence until she came back into the house again dashing from the front door, pass the living room and straight into the kitchen (I think to wash her hands or something).

And in the 4 seconds I saw her run across the room like a Warner Bros. Roadrunner, she said
"WHAT HAPPENED WHAT HAPPENED WHAT HAPPENED *realizes that I changed the channel* ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!"

I changed it back shortly. And as punishment I had to massage/tickle her palm for the next half hour.


jeanchristie said...


oh yea.. my mom watches it too.. its the korean version of the taiwanese meteor garden haha

Boss Stewie said...

yeah tickle.. like she likes it when i use my finger and make circles around her palm.. hahaha it's weird but i like it too

and oh yeah!! now i remember how it's so like meteor garden!

陈一豪 said...

Well dude if her hands were not wet then you'd better disinfect man!

Hello Jean!

~~haha~~ said...

Just *cough*D.L*cough* from the internet la...lol

myname said...

It's Boys Over Flowers. Beats Meteor Garden anytime...

Jiyan said...

Hahahaha tim..how dare you to switch the channel?!! if u switched my channel while i'm watching boys over flower then u're so going to be dead LOL. Hell yeah it beats meteor garden anytime, korean guys, me love :D

Boss Stewie said...

yee hou: hahah too late to do anything about that now

haha: hahahaha .... ! i like the way you said it

belinda: oh yah! that's what it's called!

ji yan: ahahaha yeah.. one of them was very pretty boy

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Errrr......not really into Koran movies so much, buttttttttttttt....definitely, korean love story is a good story to watch...

Especially with your love one..*provided your lover is a romantic person*

Timothy -----> Are u a ? =__="

carol said...


the japanese version >>>>>> all other versions :D

KY said...

Hahahha padan muka :P

- m i c h e l l e - said...

HAHAHA! I feel Aud!!! I hate it when my bro changes the channel during ads then when he flicks back, the show already started, I'LL GET SO MAD!

I like being tickled too! I don't get ticklish when I get stroked, in fact I like it! I am weird! :P

Boss Stewie said...

elaine: ahhaah i don't understand your question... am i a... romantic person? is that what you intended to say?

carol: hahaha i would check it out but i'm pretty sure it's really not our thing

ky: =(

michelle: ahh stroked! that's what i was doing.. yes... that's the word... stroked.. not so much tickling.

Wen Xuan said...

I hate it when people change the channel when i leave to do some trivial stuff!!

do not change the channel when I'm watching okay??!??!?!!

good one with the tickling...i like it to...hahaha

Jwxwei said...

It's Boys Over Flowers AKA Hana Yori Dango Korean Vers. @@ *reading the comments I think you know already XD

The show's mostly based on the shoujo manga. Maybe that's why you found it boring!! XD

Jaz said...

Its called Boys Over Flowers ! The korean version of Hana Yori Dango.This beats Meteor Garden.

Actually there are videos which can be streamed online to watch.


With english subs...full season..the whole 21 episode :)

ahlost said...

Oh mien.. I cannot stand Korean drama =..=

yapthomas said...

i instantly registered "foot" after "massage/tickle" hahaha

xinying said...

It's Boys Over Flowers...
Korean version for Hana Yori Dango..

Done watching the series dy.. I personally think that the finale is not very nice comparing to the Japanese version. But still, it beats the taiwan's Meteor Garden alot more...

Most girls would love this series and yeah.. don't change the channel when girls are watching.. if me, I'll start grumbling.. ^^