Sunday, April 12, 2009

One Good Weekend!

I just had one really good weekend and I'm going to describe it in a few pictures to catch up with my Project 365.

Okay it started with a simple dinner with Princess on Friday night at San Francisco Steakhouse in KLCC to celebrate our 6 months of being together. That's gotta be one of my favourite restaurants. Very reasonably priced steak and a beautiful view of the KLCC fountain.

Came home after dinner and lay in bed to talk. We never seem to run out of things to talk about.
Project 365: Day 54, 10th April 2009

Then Saturday came and Princess and I woke up around lunch time. We headed to Sungai Wang for a while to meet up with Jia Meei and Litat. 

I was supposed to follow Princess around shopping but since Gin and Leon were around I asked them to come over to my place later in the afternoon so we can play some XBOX. I left Princess to shop in Sungai Wang with Jia Meei who then dropped her off at my place after they were done.

So that's right, I spent the whole afternoon playing my trusty XBOX!!!

Then at night Princess and I went for dinner with Gin and Leon at Pavilion. 
Project 365: Day 55, 11th April 2009

They went off to Phuture after dinner but Princess and I weren't in the mood for clubbing last night. We decided instead to stay home and watch a movie.

Sunday morning came and I had to go to NST to give a talk on this blogging workshop they were having there. I was there to talk about Nuffnang and how some bloggers earn money from blogs.

After the talk we came back to my place to watch a movie. I watched as Princess attempted to take a short cut and climb over this railing. 

Project 365: Day 56, 12th April 2009

Once she got to this position she suddenly realized that the ground was a lot more far down than she thought then she froze and screamed for help. I thought it would make a funny picture so I took out my camera first and took this picture before I helped her out.

After I saved her, she hit me and scolded me for taking a picture of her in a time of crisis instead of helping her. 

Spent the afternoon watching Marley & Me.... really enjoyed it. I really liked how the show followed the life of a newly married couple who went on then to have a dog, kids and go through all the struggles of life as a family.

After the movie I talked to Princess about having a dog one day. I want one of those cute little ones like a Shih-Tzu. I'll call her "Gummy" or something.

Princess on the other hand (in her own words) wants a "big stupid-looking dog" that she can "slap on a saddle and ride like a horse".

I don't know who's gonna give in. Maybe we'll both compromise and get a monkey instead.

Tomorrow is Monday.... another week begins. Have a great week ahead everyone!


fourfeetnine said...

or or we could get a pig! a nice fat pink pig and we would never have to take out the trash again!

Boss Stewie said...

fourfeetnine: oh yess... because a pig is a lot smaller than that big dog you want to be able to ride

Pam Song said...

Marley & Me so sweet hor??? *sniffle*

Cindy Khor said...

i think i would do the same thing to my bf if he's gonna snap a pic of my in an undignified position screaming for help. but the pic still looks very cute though.

jmeei said...

yeah maybe you guys can name the pig 'spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does; can he swing from a web? no he can't, cos he's a pig; look out, he's a spider pig'!

and eh why is aud missing in the second photo! did she scrunch down to the leg compartment area wtf

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

How does compromising the breed of the both the dogs become a monkey? LOL!...I think it was funny how you whip out your camera to take a picture 1st. Pictures are worth a thousand words. (and thats one funny picture) It doesn't matter what he does in between, what matters is that he finally helps you right? right?...=P

JD said...

Marley and Me is an inspiring movie especially the struggles they have to go through. Btw Boss Stewie, next time add me in your Xbox friend list. We can then game together. My ID is JordanTan.

Eunice�� said...

Have watched Marley & Me and it's real touching and meaningful.

How about getting both Shih-Tzu and Golden retriever? then no need to compromise lor.


Boss Stewie said...

pamsong: hahaha yeah really liked the movie. might even watch it again

cindy: hahaha yeah... she looked damn cute.; and she used it on her own blog too!

jia meei: I LOVE FAMILY GUY TOO!!! But princess doesn't =(

solitary: hahahahahahaa... yes... see i'm helpful in the end!

jd: really? add me... my nick is bossstewie. do you play gears of war 2?

homely: hahaha i don't think we can handle two dogs

JD said...


coop? or horde mode? anyway still playing. will add you. but wait for a few days coz my xbox kena rod'ed.

ShaolinTiger said...

Yayayay time to get a dog, then you can bring it out to play with Charlie :D

Boss Stewie said...

jd: both... but I prefer horde to coop... prefer shooting monsters. ok just add me... then email me

shaolin: hahaha :) you'd love that wouldn't you :)

jean: hahaha tell that to princess

ahlost said...

shih tzu is cuter *LOL*

I've one who like to 'lion dance' her way :D

Eri Peng said...

schnauzer maybe? :P its a super active pup though... @_@

Unknown said...

Is there a video on the talk, if I want to know how to earn money from blog? I watched Marley & me too and it's very sad, I don't like the ending cos the cute dog died.

Racheal Tan said...

I'm not as famous as you love birds :) Between, nice sweeet and touch! :))

Geli Tifa said...

Gummy..! U still remember Gummy? but that's not the photo of Gummy...