Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Carol's Birthday

Last night I was out with Ming and Pierre for dinner. We were stuck in the office till quite late so we had a late dinner at Jarrod & Rawlins.

By the time we got there we were starving. Ming instructed:
"Eh I'm fucking hungry... Order a horse!"

This is what "a horse" looks like and that's just for 3 people.

Project 365: Day 65, 21st April 2009

Pierre was supposed to buy dinner that night but we ordered so much I felt bad so Ming and I picked up the tab in the end.


Today is Carol's birthday. In Nuffnang we have this thing called "Birthday Leave" where if your birthday falls on a workday then you're expected to take leave. Most of us don't normally take it though and end up at work. Somehow at least to me, work doesn't feel like work.

Carol had to come to work whether she liked it or not though. She just had/has too much shit to do. But I told her to come in a little later since it was a birthday so she could sleep in a little. The minute she walked into the office and headed to her workstation she saw this.

Flowers and a bra. 
Project 365: Day 66, 22nd April 2009

The bra came from Yee Hou and Nicholas as part of some private joke between them and Carol. Apparently some time ago one of them asked Carol what she wished for and she said "bigger boobs".

There were two sets of flowers. One from Huai Bin.

Which even included a box of Godiva chocolates.

And another from...
Her secret admirer.

Up till now I still don't know who that is. Whoever you are... own up already! Claim your credit!


Ray said...

Serves you 2 right for eating so much~

Give a Bra for birthday present...does it suit her? *grins*

Anonymous said...


Happy birthday carol!

陈一豪 said...

Carol does the bra hang loose? Please let us know so we can get proper sized ones.


KY said...

happy burpday carol! the bras fit or not?

Boss Stewie said...

See Carol? So many people wish you already

Carol said...

OMG!Now the whole world thinks I want bigger boobs!
haha,thnx for the wishes!:)
YH & KY: too small indeed! haha.

Huai Bin said...

Birthday Leave? I wanna work in Nuffnang! :)

The copywriter in me just had to say this - typo not mine. ;)

ahlost said...

Happy belated birthday Carol ;)

OMG.. Yee Hou bought her a bra? O_O