Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Carol Board

We just got another white board for our office. With the number of concurrent campaigns going on Nuffnang, Carol who's in charge of coordinating the timing of a lot of the campaigns has been going crazy. 

So to help her out we had this new board installed just for her.

Project 365: Day 51, 7th April 2009
I tell you it's a joke. The first time we got a quote for this board it was like RM1,800. Then we called another 3 companies and the last one we found quoted RM600++. Very big difference for
the same quality board. 

We call it the Carol board. 

Project 365: Day 52, 8th April 2009
I think Carol this morning looked a lot less stressed with a board now to write on.


-EdwiN- said...

poor carol =)

Janice Phua said...

yea less stressed with smiling face haha. her desk is so carol~ pinky pinky.

electronicfly said...

wah, white board nia, so expensive one ah? zomb~~

Suet Li said...

rm600 for a board?????

KY said...

poor carol needs to destress!

Jeffro said...

Bagi carol bonus.. LOL
sure instant destress for her.. =)

ahlost said...

My very small white board edi cost bout 300 O_O