Friday, April 17, 2009

Shopping at Pavilion

Two weekends ago, Princess and I went to shop in Pavilion. We normally shop in Sungai Wang because everything there is cheaper but we had just gotten our pay cheques not long ago being the beginning of the month so we were feeling rich.

We decided to go somewhere with class and shop with all the tai tai's. We went kai kai around Bukit Bintang and settled for Pavilion.

Upon getting to Pavilion and looking at the people around us we began to notice something amiss. We were at a very high class place... but dressed extremely LOW CLASS.

Princess was wearing shorts with a Hello Kitty T-shirt.

And I was dressed in jeans, sneakers and a Stewie T-shirt that said "I'd love to stay and chat but you're a total bitch!".

So low class that they wouldn't let me anywhere near the Ferrari they had on display.

Nevertheless, we decided that we weren't dressed the part but we were going to try to act the part. So we very nonchalantly walked into the Tag Heuer shop near the Bukit Bintang entrance.

When we walked in there were some other middle-aged men checking out the watches and the staff there were helping them try on some watches.

We walked in and smiled at everyone around us but nobody really paid us any attention. Then I tried to get a bit more attention by going nearer to some of the watches and pretending to be interested.

Finally a saleswoman there came over to help.

Acting the part, I asked to see one of the watches that were in the glass case right below my elbow. She took out the watch and I tried it on then asked how much.

The saleswoman replied
"This one is RM8,000".

I NEARLY VOMITED BLOOD but I reminded myself that I was playing the part so I pretended to say 
"Oh... that's not very expensive at all... right Princess?"

And turned to Princess. Princess played along and nodded.

I was hoping Princess would play along even more and say something that would make us look like Aristocrats. You know... perhaps say
"Darling... we have to hurry. Remember you have to meet the guys to play Polo later".

But she did none of that. All she did was sit down on the chair and look at herself in the mirror while adjusting her fringe like a schoolgirl!

Seriously Baby! You gave us both away!

To make matters worse, I was looking at one of the watches there when I got a phone call from my brother. So I was holding my phone with one hand and holding the watch with the other when I accidentally dropped the watch on the glass panel. 

I heard a loud "PIAANG" (nothing broke fortunately).

And I just went


The expression on the salesgirl's face was priceless. The minute I picked up the watch and put it down again on the leather mat she quickly grabbed it to keep it away from me.

I could almost tell what was running through her mind at the time
"Fucking college kid... get out of my damn shop already before you break something you can't afford".

So Princess and I quickly excused ourselves by saying the usual goodbye line to salesgirls
"I'll come back later".

We left the Tag shop and started walking around. Princess then decided that she wanted to make an entrance at the Gucci shop. So Hello Kitty and Stewie went to Gucci.

Damn shy okay? But we decided to be brave anyway!

We walked in then quickly walked one round in the shop and darted for the exit before they called on two big bouncers to throw us out.

At the end of the day Princess and I left Pavilion feeling very unaccomplished. Even with our newly received pay cheques, we still couldn't afford to buy almost everything in Pavilion except for the egg tart in the basement. 

But we HAD to buy something from Bukit Bintang! For bragging rights if anything!

So we walked out of Pavilion down the road into a 7-11 in an alley nearby and I bought Princess an ice-cream. Fortunately Princess isn't materialistic.

An ice-cream was all that was necessary to make Hello Kitty happy.

And making Hello Kitty happy is all that you need to make Stewie happy.


electronicfly said...

If you did break the watch, you could have bought it, then go claim warranty!


Anonymous said...

omg... "fucking college kid?" looks like dressing up do make a huge difference huh?

"Piang", only thing i will utter is wtf.... but the girl's service quite bad also lor... when i was working our restaurant's policy was, never judge a book by its cover~

>.< NYAK~~~

Jiyan said...

hahah those high class shop ppl seriously damn lc one lor..n my friend once told me that while you're shopping..u nit 2 act as if u're very rich den only those workers will layan u damn true.

lol i shall do this next time..i'm always ashame to even walk in pavillion wtf.

KY said...

I would love to see hello kitty playing polo!

Janice Phua said...

"I heard a loud 'PIAANG' (nothing broke fortunately)."


but good try Kitty and Stewie! i think not many people actually really brave enough to walk into these kind of shops. the aura is just... ehem. for now we can't afford, but who know in the future we can! right? nothing is impossible. that's what my now-student-but-trying-to-start-off-his-online-Egame-business-bf tell me.

JD said...

That's a good one, especially the playing the part in the Tag Hueur shop. But I think the salesperson might also have their fair share lar, dress down doesnt mean cannot afford the watch geh.

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

AHAHHA! i totally get wat u mean!
d other day my mum n i went to KLCC to kill some time and do a wee bit of shopping. i dont know wat possessed us, but we walked in to Versace, Dorothy Perkins, Gucci, Bonia, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Coach, and i cant rememeber the others. as if that wasnt enough.. we even went to Rolex!! d salesman didnt look too happy when i asked to see n try on one of those watches. i had to fake a phone call to get out of there! LOL

Boss Stewie said...

electronic: In order to claim warranty i would first have to OWN the watch hahaha

binn: hahaha well i guess this time the cover was telling the truth

ji yan: yeah i think that's partially true... perhaps not in all but in some cases... give it a shot and see what ytou experience

ky: hahaha :) she would need a little pony of her own

janice: ooohhhh... another future internet entrepreneur

jd: hahaha well i guess this time the salesperson was right ler... :)

chumi: wah.. rolex also you go... very very brave... especially to eeven ask to try on the watches.. hahahaha i wouldn't dare

fuz-buh said...

eh cannot afford meh?

whats the shopping bags dangling around u two's arms then?

fourfeetnine said...

fuz-buh: those were shopping bags from watsons & sungei wang *sad

ahlost said...

didnt they know some rich ppl don't dress up?

reddaisie said...

hahha that reminds me of my experience..
last year i was in KL with some frens..and was also wearing some cheapo shorts..
then my frens decided to enter the LV shop..
we kinda hesitated for about 20mins outside the shop before one of us braved ourselves to enter..
the guard opened the door for us..
we went in...pretended to look rich...browsed around...stared at some rich tai tai buying handbags..
then realised that we were staring too hard and quickly left the shop...
we were laughing like mad when we were outside the shop..

but then's not like we can't afford the bags in the shop...(i mean the mini bags..)
it's just that we'll prolly have to eat bread for the next few months..

Agnes said...

omigosh, for a moment i thought audrey had the same hello kitty shirt i have!

is it from JayJays LOL!... it might be the same! just that mine is not in grey colour LOL.

Jia Hui said...

Love the last line! So sweet!

Melanie said...

Hahaha sure o not cannot afford ? :P

I remembered going for supper at a nice restaurant in my hometown. Me and my friends were wearing slippers and shorts since it was already almost 11. When we walked in the waitress looked at us and it took them so long to actually serve us.

Me and my friends started ordering all the expensive stuff on the menu and for drinks we ordered expensive liquors! It was only then they started treating us better :P

Andrik Tan said...

Oh gosh, never knew there was such a good blogger in KL. I'm really amazed with the amount of interesting posts in your blog. Very well written and I spent like 1 hour only reading two pages of your most recent and maybe some of the interesting ones which you've posted long ago. Aha This is so going to be my favourite hideout place.

You and your gf make a very sweet couple btw. Hope to meet you in person someday if I happen to have the chance. Chances are that I'll probably bump into you in clubs.

Good job and keep 'em coming!

blurblurpiggy said...

Lol an ice cream would make me happy too! =P
They shouldn't discriminate people in tshirt and shorts anyways, because some people in tshirt and shorts can actually afford to buy.
My uncle was on a holiday and he was in tshirt and shorts and walked into LV shop. Everyone else that walked in were in suits. Guess who bought stuff. Lol

Casual is good!

Boss Stewie said...

fuz-buh: hahaha no ler that's all some small small shopping

ahlost: hahahaha really? well I guess most rich people do dress up

pao pao: hahaha! at least the guard opened the door for you. I had to open my own door... and stop it from shutting in princess' face

agnes: princess verifies that it's probably the same shirt

jia hui: thank you :)

melanie: wahh... you and your friends must be rich then..... haha

andrik: aww thank you andrik. it's so nice to receive a compliment like that every now and then. it gives me more motivation to blog :)

blur: wahh.... i like your uncle's style!

ahlost said...

those rich ppl in kuching don't really dress up.. I mean some.. Seriously !! You see those bosses hor.. they're rich, they drive big and nice cars but they just wear tee, short pants and sport shoes to work..

blurblurpiggy said...

Lols. It's called dress down for comfort. I think most people would be in t-shirt and shorts i they are on a holiday in a summer-ish country. Google's staff can wear t-shirts and thongs to work! Makes them more productive.

QuirkyLilPrincess said...

me and my babe did this before.We didn't go into LV but we went into almost all the branded stores in KLCC.i actually tried on clothes and shoes from Chanel,Prada,AX,Armani and some i can't even remember,the Prada salesperson thought i was some rich brat from Singapore come for holiday.The Chanel dressing room damn nice though,got carpet somemore.

Andrik Tan said...

Hey Timothy, would it be okay for me to ask for your msn contact? I understand that you may not want to reveal it to the public but if you are willing to please contact me through my email ash [at] fnatic dot com

Thanks ;) and no I'm not homo so no need to worry about that ahaha

joycewong said...

that's too cute. i haven't clicked on your blog in ages (and i clicked cos i'm procrastinating an ad i owe nick >.<) and i think i should read your blog more often! x

Jannah said...

Comel sungguh the both of you. Yes the way to a girl's heart is lots of ice-cream :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

binn:some of sales person will look down the way they dress up on ppl but some never because their knew some customer can afford it.b i been to LV shop even i got no $$$ just have alook...

jd:never say dress down cant afford i came across customer wear it worst too....

mr.taih:the moment u walk in i know u can afford it but sometime we cannot near to customer coz some cus dun like been follow is got Ques we will ther to serve u,u drop the watch i wast din think tat way
"Fucking college kid...
i was thinking dun rough to watch pls...sorry u was think tat way...

*anyway next time dare to walk in to all any of the brand if not buying it coz sometime i do like tat ask some question get some knowledge next time u know wat u wan...