Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hello Rome!

Well not actually in Rome but at the Heineken Roma Final 2009 at Metropol on Saturday night.

The front entrance had this big sign with bottles spelling out the words.

And yes that's Desmondkiu in the picture with me talking on the phone while I was posing. As you can all see, I wasn't important enough for him to pay proper attention to when taking a picture with.
"A Night in Rome" was an event last Saturday organized by Heineken where they had a very Italian/Roman theme to the whole thing. On the outside of what is a Mercedes Showroom on a regular day, they put up all these backdrops of Rome to make it look as if we were all there.

Adds to the fun of us bloggers to take some pictures. This is me trying to get Princess to pretend with me that we're in Rome sight-seeing. 
She couldn't take the pretend and just started laughing.

So I gave up on her and got Jia Meei, Li Tat and his sister to pose as tourists with me.

I say we did a GOOD JOB! Agree? 

Makes you almost want to go up to and try to sell us a fake Gucci handbag.

Then we quickly got bored pretending to be tourists and just started taking regular pictures

And sitting down to drink.

After enough beers to make me a little woozy we headed inside to where everyone was already waiting for the show to start.

It was PACKED!
The event started off with some opera, 

then on to a fashion show with a Roman kind of theme. The models all were dressed up to look like Gladiators ... well in their own right.

After the fashion show they brought this group from Australia in called Bumble Bees. There was a guy DJing and a girl who just stood behind him dancing to the beat.

At first we were wondering what the hell she was doing there apart from looking pretty but she suddenly started rapping and fuuuhh we were pleasantly surprised!

In between the performances I got a little hungry so I headed to the VIP area somewhere in the back (I never knew I was a VIP till the later end of the night), where I had a truck load of these cute little burgers.

Reminded me of a really stupid joke somebody once told me
Question: What do you call a happy burger?
Answer: "Bur-Gembira".

And after eating I felt thirsty so I ended up drinking more and more. 

Seriously... the members had this cool computer where you can just tap your membership card and they'll give you free booze.

I had so many bottles of Heineken I lost count at 5 *ashamed

After some alcohol in my blood I joined the crowd again and found Cindy, Huai Bin, KY and the rest on the dance floor dancing.

I like this picture.
Huai Bin looked scary, Cindy looked sassy and Princess looked goofy... like a cute little baby walrus.

Aww *sayang* my baby walrus!


jeanchristie said...

wtf baby walrus! o.O

KY said...

omg we met desmond kiu again, top 20 blogger!

yuetmui said...

ohh so it was you guys who made me stuck at jln sultan ismail for 20 mins on saturday night! haha..

p/s: just kidding - it is always jam..

Beverly said...

wait til Audrey read that you compared her to a baby walrus!

oh you're so doomed!


Boss Stewie said...

jean: hahah my cute princess

ky: yah.. so lucky!

yuetmui: I'm sorry... hahahaha.. well maybe not at the time cuz I was too beered up to be sorry about anything

beverly: hahahaha.. she read already... :)

Anonymous said...

I guess many bottles of Heineken HB had that night until his hair shines!? *lol

Ubi said...

and u forgot to mention that KY looks like he's high on something =P

ahlost said...

a friend once asked me that burger question too.. @.@

fourfeetnine said...


JD said...

looks like a great event? how do get passes ah boss stewie?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha burgembira haha

Anonymous said...

burgembira???? wtheck~~~

baby walrus? she is sooo going to thrash this post man~

Huai Bin said...

OMG! I do look scary in that last photo. Like some deranged person. :S

Suet Li said...

why always got party when im not around!!!!