Friday, April 10, 2009

The Great Princess and Timothy Couple Meme

As of today, Princess and I have been together for 6 months. In conjunction with our 6 months of being together, Princess suggested that we do the couple meme. I was damn stressed to be honest, having to answer so many questions about her. It was really like having to do a mid-term exam. This is probably the most text-heavy entry I have ever made but here goes.

1) Tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of him/her:

It was on the day of my 24th Birthday. I was supposed to meet Kenny Sia, PinkPau, Ringo and some other friends at Bangsar Village for tea. When we got there we bumped into these 3 girls. 

One of them I knew by name... her name was Hui Wen. The other was a pretty but very loud girl that I later got to know as Tze. 

Then there was this girl in a yellow dress that was so short she had to wear shorts undernearth to prevent any accidental "Britneys" if you know what I mean. I recognized her as Fourfeetnine, how could I not after Suet had been raving on and on and on about her for the longest time. She dind't look that small to me though... maybe because we were all sitting down while having tea. After tea though, she stood up to leave and then I went

2)What's a weird habit or quirk that she has?

Her colleagues at work tell me that she likes to twirl her hair but I don't really notice that when she's around me. I don't particularly notice a particularly weird habit on her.

3) What makes her sad?"

When she disappoints me

4) What makes her angry

When I disappoint her.
5) What excites her?

Shoes shoes and lots of shoes. 

6) Tell us something funny about her?

I don't think it'll be as funny if I tell it as opposed to actually seeing/hearing it. Sometimes for the fun of it I will fart around her. Her reaction to it is always hilarious!

There's always an grace period from the moment you fart to the moment everyone around you smells it right? And you know when it's going to be a smelly fart when it's a quiet one. (Yes, the smelliest ones are the silent ones).

So during the grace period and before it hits Princess I would just take a look at her and wait for her reaction. Sometimes, she'll notice me looking at her and she'll turn around and say

Then after a few seconds her nose will pick something up and she'll have a few short "verifying sniffs". It'll take just about 2 seconds for her to verify that there was fart in the air then she would let out a very loud

Then she'll grab a pillow or anything nearby to cover her nose and scream into it 


And throughout she'll have this face that looks like when you pull your nose down and have some kind of monkey face with eyes rolled upwards like she was really breathing in some poison gas to her death.

She has that face every time she smells fart. Even if it's not me. One time we were out in a shopping mall and in the lift. Then somebody farted in the lift and we were all choking on the gas.

Then Princess hit my arm and said out loud to everyone in the lift


So I just went

The crowded lift was totally silent. The actual culprit in the lift was probably smiling away after having someone else take the fall for his crime. No thanks to Princess.

The only time that Princess smells fart and doesn't have that face is when she farts herself. One time I was at the computer doing some work then she came over and hugged me from behind. She manja manja with me. Then suddenly I detected the gas that the small girl emitted. I choked and went

And she would just smile and laugh while I scold some more

She got me back for that though.

Many months later we were in the car at a traffic light when I farted (this time I really did). Then did her usual face and her usual "FUCK LARRRR!!!!"

But this time she wound down the window and used her hands to fan out as much gas as she could. Then she stuck her head out of the car window and looked like she was gasping for air.

She did all this while the people in the car next to us at the traffic light were just looking on at the two of us. It didn't take a genius to see that the only other person in Princess' car (ie me) had just released some toxic gas and she was dying from it.

I was embarrassed. So lesson of the day men... don't embarrass your woman. Don't even call out her fart! She will get back at you one way or another.

7) What's she like at home?

You mean how she looks or how she is? Ok I'll do both.

When she's at home and especially at the end of the day she will have all her make-up removed. To add to the beauty she has this red secretary-like glasses that I once told her were one of the ugliest pair of glasses I had ever seen in my life. Then she sleeps with curlers, the kind that you only see our grandmothers wear. She then wears nothing but a big t-shirt. Only that the big t-shirt need not be very big, it's probably just an average sized t-shirt but length wise it's almost as good as a wedding gown on her.

Her explanation for those ugly red glasses was that she thought nobody was going to see her wearing them at home anyway so she thought she'd try something "different". I love how she always has some funny reason to everything she does in life. 

She dreaded the first night she stayed over at my place. She wasn't looking forward to having me see her without any make-up and with those glasses and curlers. I looked at her that first night and I thought she never looked more beautiful.

Today I still sleep with her head on my shoulder with one of four curlers pushed against my neck.

8) What's she like at work/school?

A lot more serious than normal but still occasionally playful. She and her fellow colleague Lee Fen are often the subject of playful making fun of among her colleagues. I hear that in order to send a fax she has to stand on a chair.

The dispatch boy in her office is deeply in love with her... but he's also married.

9) Describe her room

If only this question was "Describe her room in four words".

Then my answer would be "A BIG FUCKING MESS".

When you walk into her room there's a small study table with shelves on the left. A little further to the left of that she has a single bed against the wall. On the right is a closet for her clothes and in the middle is some space to walk around. 

She has what I call a "table-closet-bed". It's a really special bed that you won't even find in Harvey Norman because it's not just used as a bed but also a table and closet to keep her stuff. The multi-purpose bed is pretty small. When I lie down on it, it more or less fits me just nice. I can't move around much. But to make matters worse you can never really lie flat on her bed because she has all sorts of clothes stuck under the sheet thrown around her bed.

She even used to have an entire row of stuffed toys lined up against the wall on the bed until I cleared it all out and kept it in her closet for her.

10) What's her best friend like?

Her best friend is Angela. I've never met her before and I only know her from what Princess tells me. I hear Angela is very much like Princess in many ways. The way they think, the sense of humour they share and the things they like though they come from different backgrounds. Angela is rich for example, my poor Princess isn't.

Princess spent 4 years of college in Mount Holyoke with Angela and were with each other everywhere they went. Mainly because most of the other girls she knew at Mount Holyoke were a little weird but also because they complemented each other so well. For example, when they meet two guys... one of the guys would like Princess and the other would like Angela. Never will they both like the same girl.

11) Do you know who she hates the most?

Princess dislikes a lot of people and a lot of people annoy her but I don't think she hates anyone. She's also very forgiving. Piss her off now and dangle a strawberry in front of her 5 minutes later and she'll totally forget that she was angry at you in the first place. With that kind of attention span, how can she possibly learn to develop hate for anyone?

12) Have you met her exes?


13) Do her parents like you?

Now I think they do but not at first. Her parents at first thought that I was some playboy that just wanted to shag her and play her out. But after a while I guess they realized that I truly was crazy about their daughter and I was here to stay. 

I have dinner with her parents now 2-3 times a week so I guess we're quite comfortable. 

14) What's the first thing she would do or say if she fell down and scraped her knee?


15) What would she do in an emergency situation with other people involved?

Stand still and wait for someone else to do something.

16) Which shop would she spend most of the time at in a shopping mall?

It really depends on what she needs. If she feels she needs shoes then she'll go try them out because that's what she likes the most. But right now after I've brought her shoe shopping I think she feels she has enough shoes now.

Now she spends a lot of time in those clothes' shops in Sungai Wang. Second to that comes Watsons and any cosmetics store. She hates the supermarket. Bringing her grocery shopping would require you to knock her unconscious and drag her by one arm.

17) What would she have for a typical breakfast?

It depends. On weekdays when she has to wake up to go to work, bread and a cup of Milo.

On weekends when she doesn't have to work, she never wakes up in time for breakfast. She doesn't even try.

18) Where would she want to go for dinner?

Japanese food. Sushi Zanmai among her favourites.

19) What kind of movie would she choose at the cinema?

She reads a lot so I guess any movie that is made after a book she has read. If not then .... comedies. Not necessarily totally stupid slapstick comedies. I think she appreciates the witty ones more.

20) Describe her taste in music?

She likes Beatles and Abba but she also likes some songs from the 90s. She likes Chinese songs too. The only up to date songs that she really likes are the Japanese ones. 

21) If she wasn't going out with you, who would she be going out with?

Someone who wouldn't treat her or spoil her as well as I do. 

22) What item in her wardrobe would you like to burn?

I was going to say the very low cut black top but I decided I don't hate it that bad.

23) What is she good at?

She's good with people so anything that requires a lot of interaction is something she can do well. Books-wise, she's good in History.  

24) What is she totally horrible at?

Any sport or anything outdoor. 

25) What's something about her that is annoying/infuriating?

Maybe I haven't been with her long enough but nothing much really. Slightly annoying that she's very forgetful, absent-minded and occasionally can be numb to how something she does might make me feel but it's something that she has either changed or I've gotten used to. 

26) What's something that you two fundamentally disagree on?

So many things. For starters we both constantly debate about who went to a better uni. I'll say that my university (UCL) is now ranked as one of the Top 10 Universities in the World but she'll argue that Mount Holyoke (which she went to) is one of the Seven Sisters which is the female college equivalent of the Ivy League.

27) What's something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?

That we're the best match for one another and there isn't anyone better out there.

28) Is she possessive?

Yes... and she's awfully cute when she is :)

29) Why would she succeed in life?

She's smart and works hard but put that together with her very very like-able personality and I don't see why she won't go far in life. She also knows how to differentiate what her heart and what her mind tells her to do in a situation and knows which one to listen to when she needs to. 

For example, she was offered two jobs when she first started working. One paid better than the other but she followed her heart and went for the one with the lower pay because she felt that was something she could be good in.

Today she's loves her job and has never been happier. 

I also think that she will be an asset to the lucky man who gets to marry her. That she will be a good companion and she will eventually be the woman behind a very successful man. Whether that man is me or not.... he'll be so lucky to have her.

30) What is the coolest gift that she has ever given you?

I guess this would be.... her heart.

31) What does she avoid at all costs?

The big burning yellow ball in the sky!

32) What does she spend the most money on?

Right now.... most of it goes to paying off her student loan. 

33) Describe her typical Sunday.

It depends on whether she's staying over at my place or not. If she's just staying at home with her parents then she'll stay in bed until close to lunch time. Then wake up for lunch with her grandmother and then afternoon out with her family. Then a simple family dinner and back home where she will spend the rest of the night either watching a movie with her dad or chatting away on MSN while she blogs.

If she's staying over at my place, she'll grumble and curse at me for waking her up while the sun is still rising. Then she'll insist we sleep in until lunch. We'll go out for lunch somewhere then come back while she watches me play XBOX.

After that we just laze around and talk till dinner which we normally have with her parents. When we're done with dinner I send her home and she spends the rest of her night blogging or chatting on MSN.

34) Why would she be dangerous?

She is a magnet for accidents. Everything that could possibly goes wrong happens to her. Let me give you an example. When we were in Macau in December, we were walking on the streets when she got her heel stuck in the pavement so she had to stop. That's fine and all right since heels to get stuck in the gaps of some pavements. The only thing was... she was wearing flats. How it happened... I have no idea.

Since I started being with her I noticed that the number of accidents I run into have increased too. Everything from the smallest thing like spilling a drink on myself to getting myself burned by her curling iron.

35) Tell us about a time she looked absolutely gorgeous

She normally doesn't get much time to properly dress up, do her hair and make-up these days because she works 5 days a week and she sleeps in so much on weekends she often finds herself late to go somewhere.

Last December when we were in Macau she had all the time in the world to dress up because we were in the hotel room and I was doing some work in the morning before we went out for the day.

So while I was typing away at my computer she was in the bathroom getting all ready. When she came out I stuttered. I couldn't believe I was going out with this girl.

I didn't tell her how I felt then because I was just too stunned. But I made it up to her... I tell her every other day how beautiful she is.

This is how she looked on that day.

36) What's something about her that would surprise all of her friends?

She occasionally has the sleeping posture of a man. Seriously. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and look at her she's lying straight on her back but with one leg bent upwards so her knee is in the air. Then she has one arm on her stomach and the other at the back of her head.

Then sometimes I shout

Then she'll get a shock, wake up all embarrassed then curl up and pretend to sleep in as lady-like a way as possible. 

37) What do you love most about her?

I love the quirkiness of her character. How she's not afraid to do stupid things to make fun of herself just to make herself or anyone else around her laugh. 

38) The biggest lesson you have learnt from loving your soulmate.

I fell in love with a girl once many years ago but I got burnt. I dated around after that for 5 years and while I had the best girlfriends a guy could ever ask for, I never really fell in love again.

Then I found Princess and while there are some things that she thinks she isn't able to match up to some of my exes (she calls one of them "superwoman"), she forgets one very important thing she was able to do. That is.... she taught me how to fall in love again.  She made me realize that sometimes you fall back hard from love and it hurts but the the risk is just worth taking for when you are with someone you love, your life just feels complete.

Princess... makes me feel complete.... 

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electronicfly said...

"Today I still sleep with her head on my shoulder with one of four curlers pushed against my neck."

*tilts head* awwwwwww

Gypsy On The Move said...

awww...this is really sweet =)

Boss Stewie said...

electronic: hahahaha lol

gypsy: really? i thought most of my readers wouldn't manage to finish reading all that text

Miss Nobody said...

do you know how hard i laugh on d fart story...

i think my parents think im crazy laughing by myself reading stuff on internet zzz

Jeffro said...

You just made go from LOL to awwwwh... *salutes Boss Tim*

So much fun even listening to this.. =) I bet there's more to listen if the list goes up to 100.. hehehehehe xD

i like the part where you annoy her with your fart.. LmAO!

Em said...

the fart part was effin' hilarious. and the sleeping with curlers part... sigh makes me want to go get curlers and find someone who would sleep with me with the curlers sticking into his neck too. first time commenting, tak tahan la, too sweet ady... may there be many many more six months and sickly sweet posts to come :)

xiang yun said...

Aww.. the second half of the meme was really sweet and beautiful =] I'm a fan of the both of you heheh

Anonymous said...

gosh! felt like Valentine is coming! Haha


TianChad田七摄影 said...

There is a BIG *fart* issue there ar

Donna Bong said...

LOL!! again~ sweeetass post =)

I like how she wanted to burn down all your clothes (A.D) <-- ROFL!! and you don't mind anything in her closet.

She's definately a keeper. ps: she probably sleeps like a man cos her bed is so full with other stuff that she cant quite fit herself in it. LOL

Christine said...

Hi Ewe Tiam.. Congrats to the both of you!!!:) Such a sweet couple you guys are.. Take care always

Terrence Cheang said...

Happy 6 Months, Tim and Audrey !

Wish both of you all the best and may it be many many 6 months to come. :)

Allison said...

this is so funny and sweet. Happy 6th Anniversary to both of u. :)

Boss Stewie said...

miss nobody: hahahaha really? i was laughing while typing it because i kept imagining princess' expression but i didn't think words would do justice to it. Glad you found it funny too haha

binn: hahahah what hypocrisy did you experience among couples?

jeffro: hahahaah well it took me quite long just to write this entry so I don't think i can do a 100 one :)

caryn: hahaha well it's uncomfortable at first, but you get used to it

xiang yun: hahaha thank u :)

shaowei: hahahaha uhh uhh...

tian: hahaha yeah :)

donna: yeah good point about her sleeping like a man. Maybe it was all cultivated from her lack of space on her bed

christine: hahhaa thank you christine :)

chu king: hahaha thanks dude... still young and many more years to go

allison: hahaha only 6 months so far but thank you allison

Unknown said...

I spent more than 20minutes reading this... and now its 4.20am!!!!!! You dont even call this midnight or morning! LOL but its so sweet XD

fourfeetnine said...

Tim ! The top 100 uni in the world is fake ! I'm serious *serious face. You can go online and check all the negative things they say about this ranking. It doesn't match up with national rankings and all and some of the schools listed there is so bad ! like UBC (in vancouver) is the worst school i've ever seen. And Columbia is no where better than princeton and stuff..

anyway And Audrey lied!! hahaha She loved her red glasses okay. We both wanted to get one so bad because we thought it's damn sexy. But now we both know it's wrong wtf

ms.bulat said...

is there any way you can get her face during the fart session on cam? :D

Pam Song said...

OMG, why you two so kiuts wan??? ARGH! Can single people do this meme??? Haha. Damn kau sad case. Haha.

Boss Stewie said...

jackson: hahaha thank you... happy to know it's still readable even at 4am :)

fourfeetnine: Angela, you're just jealous because now everyone's calling me Princess' soulmate right? HAH!!! TAKE THAT!! IT'S INEVITABLE ANYWAY!!! Timothy 2 - 0 Angela!!!

msbulat: hahaha I'll try to give it a shot the next time I fart

pamsong: eh aren';t you like attached to one really long time bf

Janice Phua said...

"She occasionally has the sleeping posture of a man....she's lying straight on her back but with one leg bent upwards so her knee is in the air..."

wow it sounds like me ==" but i'm slightly different (more man i think) i sleep straight on my back but with one leg bent upward and another leg put on bent knee like a man sitting posture. you get what i mean? then when my dad/mom come in my room to wake me up to drink fruit juice in the morning he/she will say "walao how can you sleep like that?!" wtf.

revel in me said...

HAHAHAHHAHA I remember!! We gatecrashed your birthday dinner! *shy*

And OMGGGG the farting in the car thing!! You know what my bf does??!! After he farts (those super silent killers BUT SMELLY LIKE DUNNO WHAT), he will LOCK the car windows!!!!!! And I will be pressing my nose against the window, and whacking at him at the same time! Suffocation kao kao OMGG. T________T

kent chan. said...

happy 6th months anniversary! how sweet !!!!

ahlost said...

couldn't stop laughing at your fart story cos two friends of mine who are couple had similar case like yours but theirs was in the post office *LOL*

But it's not her fault for saying that.. Who asked you guys like to play with fart *LOL*

and and I like the picha of her in Macau.. She really looked gorgeous and I'm sure she still is ;)

Pam Song said...

Haha. Once upon a time, Tim. I left him ages ago. =p

I'm to get back in the game. YOU TWO LAH! Make me miss all this mush only. Sheesh!

Boss Stewie said...

janice: wah you drink fruit juice every morning? that's just like me!

kentzai: haha thank u

ahlost: hahahaha okok i'll cut down on the farting... and be a little less human :)

pamsong: hahaaha aww i'm sure you'll find the right one for you soon

Pam Song said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, believing he'll come along. If he doesn't... BOO HOOO HOOOOOOO!

Tim-Kimokeo Voon said...

ahlost was talking about me and my gf ahahahah...

dang. every Timothy can be awarded for Fartolgist of the Century HAHAHAH!

Anonymous said...

Can i ask u something? how to earn money frm the nuffnang ? and by the way , one visitor hw much wil i earn? bcs my account seems didn't earn cents though there's visitors?

reddaisie said...

so sweet ler both of u...
i shud force my bf to start a blog...and write sweet stuff for me d!!( my dreams...)

des said...

hmmm never knew that the dispatch boy is in love with her...

And if i may add on to what's she like at work - she plays with her hair a lot more than normal

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I think its funny how you shout at her while she is sleeping saying she sleeps like a gangster while she tries to sleep more lady-like afterwards. you guys are a truly fun loving couple.

All the best to both of you. :)

Unknown said...

haha.. a sweet and funny post.. :D

"The other was a pretty but very loud girl that I later got to know as Tze. "

That's how everyone describes her.. hahahah.. with emphasis on loud..

Unknown said...

thank you tim for calling me pretty wtf /shy

very sweet la this post /boo i can't wait to meet u and aud together seriously 2 more months ok wait for meeeeeee

Unknown said...

and i am also her best friend ok why wasnt i included! *bitter

Unknown said...

oh and at least when u went into her room u didnt step on a pad like her brother did WTF HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAA

dheep said...

congratulations tim on the 6th month anniversary~

Eve! said...

This is sweet.Still notices what she does.

Happy 6 mth anniversary.May there be many2 more anniversary to come!

Rock on!

Boss Stewie said...

pamsong: i think this is the kind of thing where it'll come when u least expect it

accyee: hahaha yeah we're similar in that way

t-mot: hahahaha .... so you torture ur gf the same way too? hahah

princess: hello! why don't you e-mail my colleagues via our helpdesk. they'll explain it all to you

pao: hahaha yeah why not :)

des: hahaha really? i never see this habit of hers off work

solitary: hahahaha yeah i like to think that we are :)

em: hahahaha lol yeah yeah

tze: hahaha no but i've stepped on a whole lot of other things in her room

dheepan: thank u :)

eve: hahaha thank u :)

Tey Cindy said...

so so sweet. cannot tahan. i'm outta here!!! hahaha~

fern said...

My first time commenting here :)

I have seen a few versions of this meme and by far, yours is the sweetest :D

Agnes said...

so sweet till i think i had enough of sugar for today!!

can't stop laughing too!

Good job xD

stargazer said...

"Today I still sleep with her head on my shoulder with one of four curlers pushed against my neck."

OMG this is so swweeeeet lah!!!

all the best to the both of u! may the honeymoon period never end!!!

Anonymous said...

So where can I get your colleagues' email?

:: about me :: said...

how can.... so sweet.
your meme is as though you know each other so long already.

- m i c h e l l e - said...

Awwwww! Everytime I visit your blog, I have to go AWWWW at least one time a day. Haha! But I feel so happy for you two! Happy 6th months! :D

"She made me realize that sometimes you fall back hard from love and it hurts but then the risk is just worth taking for when you are with someone you love, your life just feels complete."

And this sentence just touched me so deep inside.

Donny Ang said...

I love the way you answered to questions on 11, 16, 17, 28. Very original

the one I laugh the loudest and was in tears were questions on 34 & 36.

Happy 6 months. May your relationship last forever with many much love and happiness. :D

Tim-Kimokeo Voon said...

not her only la... who ever smells the kicking sensation ahahha... especially my trip to KL last month. Take off till landing. 1 hour 45 minutes of fart kch to kl.


ahlost said...

Jahatz lar this tmot !!! Still dare to laugh kok :D

Samantha Chow said...

so sweet!! :)

Nick Chan said...

oisheh. first time here. =D

curryegg said...

It has been quite sometimes I didn't visit. Feel like missing so much. And it is great to hear that you have found princess and other stories of your journey with her. Ahhhwww.. how speak. May you have a blessing relationship with princess.. :)