Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Nuffnang Music Bash '09

Last Saturday we had our Nuffnang Music Bash '09 at Maison in KL with close to 300 Nuffnang bloggers, many of which who dressed up as celebrities. Take this picture for example.

You have Tey Cindy (2nd from left) who dressed as Britney Spears. Then to her left was Princess who came as music celebrity and popstar Fourfeetnine.

And next to me with the yellow helmet, was Kimcun who came as the YMCA Village People (The rocker next to Kim is Lynn :))!!!

I don't know if everyone else gets it but if you don't watch this music video of the song YMCA. 

IT'S FUN TO STAY AT THE... Y..M...C....A !!!

It's basically a video of people in all sorts of uniforms for all sorts of professions. Kim was supposed to be a construction worker. I thought that Kim had the funniest costume of the night! The minute I saw her I laughed.. then she whined to me in frustration
"I'm so glad you get it! A lot of people asked me "Who are you supposed to be? Phua Chu Kang ar?""

The minute I got to the event I was quickly ushered away by Kim and Robb for an interview with a journalist from Sin Chew. It was then that I relived my early Nuffnang days when I had to do a press interview with a journalist from Guang Ming entirely Mandarin.

I struggled to remember my Mandarin but surprisingly managed to pull through okay. After that I was rushed to do a very quick interview in front of the camera by NTV7 to say some words about the event. Then right after that I had to go on stage to give a welcome speech to all the Nuffnangers at the event. 

By the time I was done... I was a little tired... and I realized that I had lost something that I had come with: Princess.

I went around looking for her for a full 15 minutes in the crowd only to find her later standing right in front of the stage watching some games they were playing. 

I kicked myself in the rear thinking that I should've thought that Princess would've been right in front of the stage... considering her height and lack of ability to see things from behind a crowd.

We stood at the front for a while and watched Natalie sing on stage. She sang "The Power of Love", a song that I think is suicide for any girl to want to sing in public. I mean people are just going to compare it with Celine Dion's version and it's hard to beat Celine Dion.

I was wrong though. Natalie sang it sooooo well!

The whole crowd was mesmerized and I looked at the person standing next to me only give each other a "WTF" look. What's this girl doing here? Shouldn't she be on American Idol or something?

We spent the rest of the night taking pictures with the people there and playing games. Liang as usual was the best emcee I had ever seen and he kept the crowd fired up.

Some other pictures from the night.

A picture of a part of the crowd on one side of the stage.

Princess and some of the Nuffies: Carol, Firdy and Vernice.

Princess and I with some other Nuffnangers.

From left: John and Susan from Maxis Broadband and Mehlin from the agency that made this all happen. And of course Robb and Nicholas. 

Princess and I with Vvens.
At the end of the night the music came on and everyone started dancing. I had to leave the club with Desmond. Then on the way out I saw this girl that looked like Vvens dancing like a party animal. I was thinking to myself "Holy shit! Vvens can dance!!! And there I was thinking that she's this guai guai girl that never goes clubbing".

Then I stepped out of the club and saw Vvens standing right in front of me. I asked her
"Wait a minute... I thought I saw you dancing in there like a party animal..."

And she said no.

I guess I occasionally have hallucinations of sexy girl dancers.

This is a group picture of some of the Nuffnang team members there that night. Think we're missing Firdy, Raff and don't know who else. 

This is Raine and Hui Wen in our office after the party.

They looked so tired.

Even Carol looked like she was half-dead with her forced smile.

Then again with the workload Carol has... she always looks half-dead. Seriously Carol. Does Nuffnang overwork you?

I'm going to end this entry with an embarrassing video. Now let me tell you how it all started.

It was a nice casual day at work and everyone in the Nuffnang office was happy and cheerful and all. Then Robb suddenly came over to our side of the office and announced

I said
"WHAT?! But..."

and Robb said
"No buts!!! I've already told the client we're doing it so there's no turning back now"

Everyone grumbled like a bunch of union workers and the next few weeks we found ourselves practising singing "Let the Music Heal Your Soul".

We were really really bad. So the night came and when we went up on stage the first thing I said to everyone was
"Guys... all of us at Nuffnang are good at what we do. Our designers are good at design, our programmers are good at programming, our sales people are good at selling blog ads. But we're all bad at singing so please forgive us".

We all went up and sang and made a full of ourselves but fortunately after a while everyone started singing along.

In spite of Robb going completely off tune twice! Robb! From now on I am going to call you tone-deaf!

Here's the video everyone.



jeanchristie said...

u guys look like u had an awesome time!

damn. its a sign. i need to change jobs and switch to nuffnang wtf. maybe NN is my calling to try out that event thingamajig i was thinking of all along.

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Tim you shouldn't forgot any of your colleagues ;p

electronicfly said...


Red Mummy said...

u guys forgot carol when she was wt crowd (me!)

anw i like this:

I kicked myself in the rear thinking that I should've thought that Princess would've been right in front of the stage... considering her height and lack of ability to see things from behind a crowd.

very lomantic boipren worrrrrrrr!

Suet Li said...

it's ok robb i'm like u too *sympathetic look
at least u were brave wtf

KY said...

and mehlin's name tag did say "MEH LIN" :D

Mellissa said...


Jeffro said...

*applause to all Nuffnang crews*
I'd say an awesome job well done.. and darn it! I forgot to take a picture with the crew.. @.@ so missed that..

Well looking forward for more Nuffnang-All-Stars live in action again.. =P

Rina said...

Hahaha! if u not explain, I really tot Kimcun is coming as a female version of Phua Chu Kang...XD

dheep said...

well at least u guys tried~ applause for the effort~ clap clap

Tey Cindy said...

oohh... it's from YMCA izzit! hahaha... now i get it. XD

Huai Bin said...

I thought you guys did pretty good. The choice of song was appropriate too - very heartwarming. :)

- m i c h e l l e - said...

I think Robb did well lor!

Sharon said...

lol omg robb is really tone deaf! -_-