Monday, April 06, 2009

Partying at Mist

A few Saturdays ago, Princess and I had a quick dinner then went home to dress up. The occasion: Meeting some friends for some drinking and of course dancing at this new club in Bangsar called The Mist.

I was impressed with Princess. I've been clubbing with her a few times but this was the first time she didn't try to push the limit for the word "slutty" in her dressing. 

You should see the other outfits she sometimes wears... really really not funny if you're the protective bf. Whatever it is though, I always decided to let her wear whatever she felt comfortable wearing.

When we got to the club, the friends we were looking to meet were already there waiting. KY, Ringo, Jammie, Huai Bin and Suanie to kick it off.

We stayed outside for a while to talk cock a little and take some pictures until I finally made the move to usher everyone in. 

The nice people at The Mist had already prepared us a table and they put us up at what I think was the best spot in the whole club. It was in the VIP area upstairs and the table sat on some balcony overlooking the club below and the entire dance floor. They even prepared enough glasses to have an entire army sit and drink there. 

Just like many other clubbing nights, it normally starts slow with everyone sober and taking nice civilized pictures like this.

But after some whiskey, beer and some shots we took, people started acting like this.

And it certainly didn't help that Princess went around with an entire tray of these shots getting everyone to down as many as they could.

Just a little past midnight the club began to really fill up. Check out the view.

There are a few things that are important to me every time I go clubbing to make sure I actually have good fun.

1) Constant flow of drinks... CHECK

2) Good music... definitely CHECK. The DJ that night was pretty good. You know how sometimes you get into a club when it's still early like 11.30PM and you're not warmed up yet but the DJ starts playing all your favourite songs like Cookie Jar, or Kanye's West Harder Faster Stronger?

Then you want to dance but you don't because nobody else is dancing yet and you don't feel like you've had enough to drink yet.

Well the DJ at Mist started off with some pretty new RnB songs in the beginning but towards the end when the party heated up and when he recognized that everyone was getting drunk, he played all the best RnB songs that you just go crazy over.

I went wild!

See all of us dancing near the wall in this picture? (you can't see me cuz Huai Bin was blocking me).

That night I learned that Cindy also damn party animal that girl.

3) Finally, the most important thing to having fun any time you go out at night is the company. And that night we had great company.. people who weren't afraid to dance and make fun of themselves.
Halfway through the night one of the owners of the club came by to say Hi.

Meet Logan! 
One of the ex-national Hockey players.

Logan saw us already half drunk and all but I think he decided it wasn't enough so he ordered us another round of shots.

The sheer number of shot glasses that came in after was enough to make Ginny go
"No no no !!!! No more..."

But it didn't stop Princess and Cindy.

Heck that's the thing about being a girl and going clubbing with your boyfriend. When a girl goes clubbing on her own she tries not to drink too much for fear that she might do something stupid she would regret later on.

But when the BF is there... it's like... "ANYTHING GOES LAH!!! MY BF WILL TAKE CARE OF ME!!! If I try to kiss a stranger he will stop me,  If I pass out here he will carry me home... so YAM SENG!"

She had the cheek to tell me at the end of the night also that she felt the shots she had were not strong enough to get her high.

We ended the night high, but very very happy... :) 

PS: If you're looking to go to Mist anytime soon there are going to be two international DJs spinning there. DJ Dirty South on the 18th April and DJ Perplex on the 25th April.


KY said...

Party was awesome! and no need for safety pin this time. :D

Jeffro said...

hahaha.. i guess that's the thing about being the boyfriend ei? =D

Huai Bin said...

Yeah, it was great! Cheers Tim! :)

I like the shooters. Tasty. Mmm...

cheesie said...

why i look so tulan one!!! lol

Boss Stewie said...

ky: hahaha yeah! fortunately no need for that.. but need for cloth to cover her back

jeffro: HMPH... yeah i guess.. what to do

fourfeetnine: hahaha baby!

huai bin: hahaha great partying with u man

cheesie: hahaha... maybe cuz taka wasn't there?

.:Baby Gin:. said...

wah when u took that pic @_@ why i dunno wan. and tsk tsk tsk.. dunno my blog ad. TSK TSK TSK

Anonymous said...

Or if no boyfriend you can always bring your brother, mine looks after me AND my girls...he's a good boy.

Boss Stewie said...

ginny: whoops.. didn't realize i didn't link u... okok linked di :)

joanne: hahaha! okok brothers as well :)

Accyee said...

I think Audrey and Ringo looked really goooood hehehe. looked like a hellotta fun!

Pinky Tham said...

I miss clubbing with Audrey and you!!! hahah

Boss Stewie said...

accyee: hehee she'll be very happy to hear that

pinky: yeah i miss that too.. come back soon lar okie

JD said...

Wow, the drinks shots looks real inviting! What shot is that?

Tey Cindy said...

omg some pictures of me... -.- *pengsan man~ lol!

Suet Li said...

i know logan!!! but he doesnt know me WTF
i never go clubbing with my bf before! although i really want to but i think we'll end up er.. nvm wtf

Rachying said...

Gosh! I wanna complain to Logan! Not fair...wat a friend! He gave u a tray and always tell us "you guys are my frens ma... must support me!" =( *merajuk face*

Rina said...

You wrongly link "Princess" to Aud old blog o.O

Anonymous said...

i can tell when i see the pic, huai bin face turned so RED!

Jeffro said...

well be proud.. that only shows there's someone who puts her trust onto you.. =D I know I'd be proud for the same reason.. *winks*

ahlost said...

*LOL* at Princess's comment :D

How much was the total damage for that evening? O_O