Sunday, April 05, 2009

Presents We Buy

Hello everybody!

Guess who! (not Boss Stewie)

He uploaded all these photos into Blogger and naively went to drink fruit juice.

HAHA!  Forgot that I'm just skulking around trying to take over his life wtf.




Sorry please ignore the above. Princess was being silly... always trying to mess with my things when I'm away.

Okay today I'm going to blog about... the presents we buy. I think my blog has somehow reached a whole new level of mushyness lately. You know you have a problem when someone refers to being mushy to "Doing the Timothy Tiah". Fuck this shit!


HAHA!  He's gone again!

Went to take a shit it's about time!

Every time he farts I feel like blacking out!

oh shit he's done WHY SO FAST BRB


NIAMA THIS STUPID PRINCESS!!! Keeps touching my laptop! Whatever happened to a man's holy ground!

Anyway... where was I.

*scrolls up*

Okay last Saturday afternoon, Princess dragged me again to do what every man waits his whole life to do: Watch his woman get fake eyelash extensions.... this time it wasn't just one hour... the whole process took 2 whole hours.

To make matters worse, the usual stool that they had me to sit on wasn't available this time so I had to go wander around 1-Utama myself for 2 whole hours! I think that's ridiculous! Desmond was just telling me the other day how the place he takes his wife for manicure has a nice sofa and plasma TV there for him to watch while he waits.


So okay off I was all around 1-Utama with 2 hours to kill. I went to MPH, to the Body Shop, even to Jusco to buy some groceries and after all that shit I noticed that only 1 hour and 20 minutes had passed! Time never ever passes slower when you're trying to kill it.

Then just after I had bought some groceries at Jusco I walked past Speedy and I suddenly thought about Princess.

I thought about how she always told me that being a Beatles fan she loved a musical called "Across the Universe". I had never heard of it before in my life neither did I think I would actually like it but every time we came across a DVD shop she would go and look for it but always failing.

With some time to kill and with the heavy groceries I was carrying I walked into Speedy and started looking what Princess had always failed in finding. Eventually I found it! "Across the Universe" but they didn't have the DVD, only the VCD. Good enough for me!

I bought it then went to have it wrapped by the time I picked her up from the beauty parlor.

 In the car on the way home I told her that I had a little present for her and I gave it to her but telling her that she wasn't allowed to open it until tonight.

She couldn't take the suspense and the curiosity. She kept saying "What?? WHY?? Why can't I open it now ?? Pleasee!!!!!"

I said 
"No... I just want to give you something to look forward to tonight before you go to bed."

Project 365: Day 48, 4th April 2009

She argued back
"But I'm spending the night at your place... I already have something to look forward to tonight!"

I denied it only to realize that I think I almost picked a fight with her
"No lahhh... I think you're probably used to spending nights at my place already so you don't look forward to it anymore. It's just something you've gotten used to and probably take for granted now".

She merajuked and said
"WHAT?! I STILL DO!! HMPH!! FINE... I won't open the present. FOREVER!"

Girls always like to take things to the extreme when they have arguments, I mean not opening the present.. forever?. Something I notice. I sayanged her back and fine by the time we got home I allowed her to open her present.

She never guessed what it was... and she ended the day happy.

I guess if anything.. I now believe that you don't have to spend a lot of money to be romantic to your other half. All you have to do... is listen... 


Mellissa said...

Ahhh, I really, really, really enjoyed Across The Universe :D I have the soundtrack, so amazing.

Anonymous said...

omg!!! princess's new hairstyle???!!! so cute!!!!!

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

I think it's totally cool to be so famous for something and in the end people use your name as that action or whatever you are famous for! Now I know I can use your name to refer it to mushy-ness. Yay?! That guy is an utter genius to use your name that way. xD

Be proud, Timothy!

~YM~ said...

owh...that's sweet about the last part.. sometimes we(guys) do forget to listen, and there are times we even misinterpret when we listened.

electronicfly said...

2 hours can go watch movie ma, and shopping is always good :DD

and zomb the guy who said he's "doing the tim tiah"'s my high school friend.

HAHAHAHAHA All new level of fame la boss!

TianChad田七摄影 said...

It is funny to see Princess messing with your stuff XD

dheep said...

That is really sweet~ now she's gonna love you more :)

Rina said...

When making an appoinment with Glitter you should have book the stool as well...:P

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Sorry man, we took up your FAVOURITE tool!hahahahh~

You may follow guidelines as below:
1) Bring your own tool
2) Ask for a tool from boutique nearby
3) BOOK your tool with Glitters!

Boss Stewie said...

mellissa: hahaha okok i shall watch it and see if i enjoy it as much as u did

miss : hehehe and she tells me that she misses her old long hair already

solitary: hahaha okok i shall look at it positively

ym: hahah yeah... i sometimes forget myself too to be honest

electronic: hahahha wow.. what a small world

tian chad: hah! it's more annoying than it looks haha

dheepan: hahaha :) that'll be nice

juin: hmph.. will keep that in mind next time

elaine: i will go for the 3rd option next time. thank you very much

Super Gentleman said...

YES!!!! The timothy tiah speaks... LoL...

stargazer said...

as sweet as ever.
keep it up!

Jeffro said...

Swift move there.. =)
LOL.. she could be.. really.. P.I.S.S.E.D ei?
All girls have their moments.. no offense Audrey.. =)

but i love the i-write-half-way-you-write-half-way-i-write-the-other-half-then-you-complete-the-rest thing.. XD didn't expect that.. but was nice.. =P

Boss Stewie said...

super: hahaha... maybe i should copy kyspeaks and call my blog ttspeaks... haha

siao wen: :)

jeffro: hahhahaa... yeah that was fun for us too :) the writing half way thing

fourfeetnine said...

jeffro: i wasn't pissed! i was just trying to open my present faster wtf

jess~ said...

aaaawwww ur so sweet and sooooooooo nice to her..... =)

Sarah said...

Lol you guys are so cute!

Aiya, haven't been to 1 Utama for so long... the picture of Speedy make me feel damn homesick :(

xox Sarah

Joanne said...

You got that right, you're a very smart man Tim :)!

Accyee said...

why ah you so sweet one ah pengsan