Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend in Penang

Whew! The weekend is over... what a weekend indeed. Let me tell you what I've been doing in as small a nutshell as possible.

Friday I was at Jia Meei's birthday party at this Indonesian restaurant in a Kampung off Penchala Link. 

Jia Meei's old now.... think she turned like 60 that day. Happy 60th Birthday Jia Meei!

Project 365: Day 61, 17th April 2009

Saturday morning came and I headed back to Penang just for a night to see my parents. I haven't been back to Penang in a long time. My parents wished that I could stay longer but I have just got way too much work to do in KL to extend my stay. 


Anyway I went with Princess to Batu Feringgi last night to walk around and I accidentally stepped on her slipper while she was just lifting up her foot to take another step.

I successfully tore her slipper into two.

Princess looked down at her slipper for a while looking a little sad.

Project 365: Day 62, 18th April 2009

Then she looked up at me and her face changed from sad to the stare of a glaring witch. I could almost feel everyone around me backing away trying to stay away from what Princess was going to do to me for tearing her slipper.

I could've sworn I saw lightning light up the sky behind her while she gave me that glare. I barely survived Saturday night.

Sunday morning came and I was already packing to head back to KL. Before I left Penang my mum prepared something my family refers to as Mee Fan Koh for me for lunch. I don't know if anyone else has this but in hokkien they call it "Mee Hun Kuey". 

Project 365: Day 63, 19th April 2009

It's basically flour in pork-based soup. I used to eat this almost every Sunday since I was a little boy. Nothing like mum's cooking! :)


electronicfly said...

Ooo! I'm not sure if the dish is the same thing, but in Hakka there's one called Lai Wok Pan (pulled wok noodles).

Basically anchovy soup with mushrooms, dried shrimp, garlic, and this veggie that I donno the name (translated from canto = small tree veggie).

My favourite dish. :DD Must add lime one!

Mayz said...

Mee Hun Kuey = Pan Mee 'Mit'.

Cantonese calls it Pan Mee
Hakka calls it Lai Wok Pan
and Hokkien calls it Mee Hun Kuey.

I think it's all d same thing. Probably with minor variations.


贝壳·陈 said...

ahhh i miss grandma's mee hun kuey >______<

hmm there're lotsa names for this yummy flour thingy but mee hun kuey still sounds the most sincere! =p

jeanchristie said...

electronicfly: yea i used to have it quite often as a kid, we call it "man foon ban" in hakka.. for me at least :)

ch3ryl said...

my mum used to make the same thing... but she complains now that it is hard work. i tried to make it myself once, but failed miserably :(

Benjamin Siew Wan Siong said...

Holly crap!
I love that dish!
I would pay any price to eat a hand-knead Mee Hun Kuey in KL.
Tim, if you manage to find one in KL, do let me know okay?
Remember, it has to be hand-knead! Not some mechnical roller kneaded dough..
Damn I'm hungry now..

Wilson J Q Quah said...

boss....... can ask yr mum for recipe ar?

Boss Stewie said...

electronic:Oooh where can I find it? I don't think I'm going to even try cooking that.. might end up with a disaster

mayz: really? the pan mee I always eat in KL always feels different but I guess the noodles are made of the same thing.. still feels different texture-wise though

sze: OOOH another fan! WOOHOOO!!

jean: man foon ban! where to find ar? are there any hawker stalls in Klang Valley that serve this?

cheryl: hehehe i used to make it too... like just use hands and make into many pieces. quite a lot of work especially if you want to make it really thin

benjamin: hahahaha okok if u find one then let me know too ok!

boss lepton: ahhaha can! then you cook for me ar?

blurblurpiggy said...

That's the same as pan mee!

The peel type of pan mee. =D

Mmm...I crave for Malaysian food. T_T

KY said...

did you just say pork?


Boss Stewie said...

blur: hehhe yeah the soup is a little different than that actually :)

ky: ahhaha yah :) me like too

- m i c h e l l e - said...


Jeffro said...

I wonder what happened that night... O_O

Wilson J Q Quah said...

can can, recipe plzzz

Unknown said...

i know her slippers! from nose wan!

ahlost said...

OMG !! How ler after that? I mean after you successfully tear off her shoe *LOL*

JD said...

My also still have it occasionally at home. But ours is with ikan bilis based soup lar.

JD said...

My also still have it occasionally at home. But ours is with ikan bilis based soup lar.

Ki said...

its called pan mee la uncle...

Kay said...

so... did princess kill you? :D

Allison said...

yaya..mee hoon kuey and pan mee is the same thing but i tot ppl in Penang never heard of mee hoon kuey. Serious! All my friends from Penang stare at me like im from Mars when i told them about mee hoon kuey!

jeanchristie said...

claire: ah, yea! i'd make it now and then but quality is rather inconsistent T______T

tim: don't know of any being sold outside, cos i eat it at home hahaha.. eating it with freshly cut chili padi in soy sauce is da bomb! :D

jmeei said...

thank you tim! if i'm 60 you and jj should be 70 years old!

Deluxcious Doll said...

My mum & sis makes the best mee hoon kuey :D The texture is springy!

There's few stalls in Pg that makes quite okay mee hoon kuey :)