Sunday, April 26, 2009

What A Week

I spent almost the whole weekend at home in bed just lying around and watching TV. It had been an eventful but tiring week all round.

Let me just recap the things that happened this week.

1) I heard that a business of some people I know of take a big hit because of something totally out of their control. The good thing though is that they have many businesses and they're still doing pretty well but this one loss sure hurt a little.

Reminded me on how business can suddenly take drastic turns for the worse sometimes. 

2) Watched the Opera Winfrey show tonight and watched as she interviewed a few successful entrepreneurs ilike Gurbaksh Chahal and Tony Hsieh who just in their twenties acquired a networth of over USD 100M.
High flying achievers like this in America make you wonder what the hell you're doing with your life.

3) Got backstabbed by a friend this week that is trying to do something which would actually hurt me and the people important to me.  There's just something about me that just attracts some really good friends but at the same time some really bad ones as well.

4) Learned that disappointment in people and in myself is the thing that emotionally affects me the most. I get very worked up when people I put a lot of faith in disappoint me. At the same time I get very affected too when I disappoint these same group of people because I did or didn't do something. 

This week I disappointed one of these people and it took a pep-talk from Ming to make me realize what I had done wrong.

5) Went to the dentist this week to get a filling. About an hour later after I left the clinic I realized that the dentist made the filling too high so I couldn't close my jaws properly. I would chew on food but no matter how hard I bit down on my food there  was still a gap in between my teeth because my new filling was standing out like a pillar.

Had to go back to the dentist the next day to get it adjusted.


6) Went for Heineken's "Night in Rome" on Saturday night but will blog about it later in the next few days. Was good fun.

Project 365: Day 69, 25th April 2009

7) A Happy Occasion this week was that Ming's birthday was on Saturday. He celebrated it in Singapore with some friends. Wasn't able to join him but I bought him a present some time back.

Being someone who loves gadgets a lot I bought him a Pulse Smart Pen.

It's pretty cool. It basically digitalizes whatever you write on a notebook so that whatever is written is transfered into a PDF file in your computer. It does a whole lot of other things too like it allows you to record whatever was being heard or said while you were writing a word.

So say you were writing notes in lecture right, if you tap on some of your notes it'll replay back what the lecturer was saying at the time you wrote that.

Here's a video of Ming showing some of its other funny features to some of the Nuffies in the Singapore office.

Happy Birthday Ming!


I've had a tough week with so many ups and downs. One thing I'm thankful for though is that I have a girlfriend who would get angry for me when I'm angry about something or cheer me up when I feel sad.

I'm going to go to bed now.... for tomorrow's the beginning of a whole new week.

Project 365: Day 70, 26th April 2009

The good thing though is that it's a 4-day week!!! Long Live Labour Day!


yIwIn said...

i've always been a silent reader, but today i feel obliged to comment. I've been eagerly waiting for your next post since the "dear angela" post in

Just wanted to tell you that i think it's just a prank. Maybe you were a little harsh, but by the end of the post you very clearly established it as a joke.

Whether your joke was funny or not, the negative and even rude comments about you were unnecessary. I hope they don't bring you down.

Cheers. :)

Ray said...

that's the coolest pen Tim. It's like some secret gadget to record people's conversation! I think I will whisper to my friends next time I see people writing.

Magnolia said...

i am another silent reader -

in addition to what ylwln wrote, i was also waiting for some response from you.

i knew it was a joke after i read that post on audrey's blog. didn't see any harm in it. in fact, i had a good laugh. it was creative and witty.

maybe some others dont understand your humour. dont take those negative comments to heart. read, digest and throw out what dont matters to you. you cant please everyone even if you know in your heart that you hv no ill intentions.

be consoled, you still hv many faithful readers. i add, several of your posts were very inspirational esp when you wrote about your work. i can emphasise with you as a enterpreneur. jia you!

the week is over, next week will be a better keep your head held high :)

They call me LeeSze. said...

ahh. the heineken event. was it good?

wanted to attend but i forgotten bout it.

i think my uncle was part of the event management or something. dam! could have been a blast! =)

- m i c h e l l e - said...

I hope you're not feeling upset because of the negative comments that you got from the post u wrote at aud's blog. We know you're just joking so no biggie about it. :) But apart from that, if it's work, take things easy. Cheer up and u noe u have us to always support u, right right right? XD

Anonymous said...

WTF! Cool pen! Haha.

Raph said...

Thats like the most useless coolest pen ever made.

Strawberry said...

Here's a link to one of the articles in Gurbaksh Chahal's blog. I came accross it from the wiki link u put on your blog. tot u may like it and wasn't sure if u had read it so here it is:


Lolalo said...

You are like this ex-Professor of mine. Always intrigued by entrepreuners, the younger the better haha.

"My personal hero is Warren Buffet" so he said.

Sometimes reading your posts reminds me of him. Such a mentor to me he is.

Have an awesome week!

KY said...

did you buy the smart liquidpaper to go with the pen?

Snowie_cloudie said...

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "holy shit... what a ride!"

Cheer Up! ;p

yapthomas said...

so cool the pen! :D

Boss Stewie said...

ylwin/magnolia/michelle: Thank you to all 3 of you for your kind words. Truth be told I didn't read any of the comments there though Princess told me some were pretty nasty. Though it was a personal joke between Angela, Princess and me I think I may have gone overboard. Didn't help that I didn't realize she was going through a bad time.

Anyway having run Nuffnang for 2 years now and been a blogger that has put my life out to the public, I've gotten used to these kind of negative comments and learned to block it out. Either ways having encouraging readers like you guys who bring out the good in every situation is something I am very grateful for. So thank you... to all three of you and to anyone else out there who's like you.

ray: yeah the pen could backfire too. Imagine if you were talking bad about the lecturer while writing your notes and the pen recorded it all. Then you share the notes online and it comes back to the lecturers ears.

theycallme/raph: yeah it was pretty fun with so much booze

shaowei: hahaha yeah... coolest pen i've seen around,=

rawr: oh thanks man.. will check it out

hikari: hahahaha no i like reading about the more seasoned and older entrepreneurs as well. just like reading these stories

ky: hahahaha funny!

snowie: hahaah that's a really cool quote. Thanks for sharing that.

Boss Stewie said...

yapthomas: I know dude :)

jess~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jess~ said...

hey tim!... don't worry so much about the post in audrey's blog k... i still feel u r a great guy n da most important thing is princess knows that! anything pun it is between the 3 of you.. we readers are only ur fans... we got no right to say anything and judge u...

i really hope u have a great week ahead... take care! =)

贝壳·陈 said...

cheer up tim!
btw audrey's really a good gf a.k.a soulmate XD

Huai Bin said...

Hey, that is an awesome pen. Nifty, useful when taking down notes in presentations too...but as you said, could backfire if shared. Haha!

Long Live Labor Day Weekend! w00t!

Chloe Goh said...

tim, i have left my comment on aud's post "what really happened".

nobody was born to judge anyone. you were nice enuf to even apologise for a harmless joke. aud did a good job in clarifying and angie is kind-hearted to forgive and forget despite goin thru some tough times... but don't we all?

as long as you knw u have a clear conscience, it's enough.

keep up the gd work!

Chloe Goh said...

tim, i have left my comment on aud's post "what really happened".

nobody was born to judge anyone. you were nice enuf to even apologise for a harmless joke. aud did a good job in clarifying and angie is kind-hearted to forgive and forget despite goin thru some tough times... but don't we all?

as long as you knw u have a clear conscience, it's enough.

keep up the gd work!

Ubi said...

Long live Boss Stewie =D

Boss Stewie said...

jess: thanks a lot jess :)

sze: yeah I think she's a great girlfriend too :)

huai: hahaha yeah... definitely

chloe: yes i do have a clear conscience. Thank you :)

ubi: haha thanks dude

Just E said...

When is labour day? i been working my ass off until i cant remember any public holidays

Christine said...

Don't worry.. the bad days will pass and this week you will have a better week.. Hope everything is fine now.. Take care ya!!! =)

NoHz said...

hey boss, havent spoken to you for ages! tot just just leaving you a msg/comment at you famous blog..=) its great to see that you have been living ur life to the fullest...but shits happen sometimes sure that you must have learned something out of it and will be dealing with it better in the future..Nway, Take care dude and hope to catch up with you soon la (if possible!)

ahlost said...

$329? O_O But that pen is really sth I've never seen.. It looks cool in the vid *hmph*